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Erin Hanson’s Big Birthday Bash

You're Invited to Erin's Birthday Party on July 13th

Monday, July 8, 2024

The Erin Hanson Gallery will be hosting a big birthday bash for Erin Hanson on Saturday, July 13th, 2024 - and you are invited to join us! This is going to be a joyful, fun party filled with gorgeous art, delightful treats, and local wines. If you can make it, we certainly hope you will join in the celebration!

In advance of her party, we pulled the guest of honor aside to talk about a few of her favorite things, along with her plans for the future. 2024 has been a huge year so far, with Erin heading out on inspiration-filled trips to Japan for the cherry festival and France to celebrate 150 years of impressionism. These trips alone will likely be the inspiration behind many dozens of future paintings, and the trip to France will inspire an entire collection to be released in September. 

Erin Hanson’s Birthday Interview

We were able to catch Erin between trips to talk with her about her year so far, a few of her favorite things, as well as her future plans. Read on to find the full interview.

Question 1. What was the most memorable moment this past year?

Erin: “Seeing the cherry blossom festival at Osaka Castle in Japan.”

Sakura by Erin Hanson, 2024

Question 2. Can you share a few of your favorite things with us? 

Favorite cuisine?


Favorite color?


Hills and Vines by Erin Hanson, 2021

Favorite piece of art?

Irises, by van Gogh

Irises by Vincent van Gogh

Favorite landscape to explore/paint?

Maple trees in autumn

White Mountains Autumn by Erin Hanson, 2022

Favorite place to visit?

Zion National Park

Patriarch Sunrise by Erin Hanson, 2020

Question 3. In the past 12 months, you have conducted several live painting sessions and an educational lecture/painting demonstration. Do you plan to conduct more of these?

Erin: “Yes, I do. We have many requests to make these available for live streaming, so we plan to create videos of me providing live demonstrations.”

Question 4. You recently visited Japan and are heading to France soon. What other landscapes can we expect you to paint in the future?

Erin: “The world is my oyster! I’d love to paint Norway next — the fjords and the autumn-colored forests.”

Fjords of Norway by Erin Hanson, 2023

Question 5. Years ago, you challenged yourself to paint one painting every week. Since then, you've been incredibly prolific. Do you still work toward painting one piece a week, or have you set a new goal for yourself?

Erin: “Yes, I still do at least one painting every week.”

Question 6. Your paintings are well-known for being filled with vibrant, bold colors. Do you see these colors communicating a mood or emotion? If so, what mood or emotion do you see yourself expressing through art during this coming year?

Erin: “When I am outside experiencing a beautiful landscape, like watching the sun as it sets over the Pacific Ocean or watching the first rays of dawn strike the peaks of Yosemite, I am filled with an emotion of aesthetic, radiant joy. This is the emotion I want to capture in my paintings. Whenever I get to explore new landscapes, like Japan in the spring or Monet’s garden when the water lilies are in bloom, I am so excited to have new outlets to capture this radiant joy I feel when I see natural beauty.”

Water Lilies in Bloom by Erin Hanson, 2023

Question 7. Finally, as we celebrate your birthday this year, I was hoping you could give us a peek into plans for your next turn around the sun! What are you particularly looking forward to, and what plans do you think your collectors will enjoy most?

Erin: “I am excited to create several new collections in the next few years,  including a 24 Karat Collection (oil paintings done over gold leaf), a Large Painting Collection (all large-scale works), and a Northwest Collection (I want to explore the Cascades more and visit Mt Rainier to create a collection based on Oregon and Washington landscapes.) I see so much beauty in my own corner of Oregon wine country, and I’d love to do a collection inspired by the viticultural regions right around my gallery.”

Sunflower Gold by Erin Hanson, 2022 

As Erin continues to plan for future collections, she is also painting new collections that will be shared in upcoming events.

As soon as she arrives back from France, Erin will begin painting works for her upcoming Reflections of the Seine Gallery Collection Release. This collection will be released on Saturday, September 14th, 2024. After that, the next large collection will be composed of small works for Erin Hanson’s annual Petite Show on Saturday, December 14th, 2024.

With so much to come from The Erin Hanson Gallery, be sure to keep an eye on the gallery event calendar and stay subscribed to Erin’s newsletter. This will give you an opportunity to view works while they are still drying and get messages from Erin directly to your inbox.

About Erin

ERIN HANSON has been painting in oils since she was 8 years old. As a teenager, she apprenticed at a mural studio where she worked on 40-foot-long paintings while selling art commissions on the side. After being told it was too hard to make a living as an artist, she got her degree in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley. Afterward, Erin became a rock climber at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Inspired by the colorful scenery she was climbing, she decided to return to her love of painting and create one new painting every week.

She has stuck to that decision, becoming one of the most prolific artists in history, with over 3,000 oil paintings sold to eager collectors. Erin Hanson’s style is known as "Open Impressionism" and is taught in art schools worldwide. With millions of followers, Hanson has become an iconic, driving force in the rebirth of impressionism, inspiring thousands of other artists to pick up the brush.