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Artwork Comparison Guide

This guide will help you decide which Erin Hanson artwork is best for you. We know there is a lot to choose from!

First, which of these is most important to you?

  • Size
  • Value
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Subject matter 
  • . . . Scroll down to learn more!


Do you have a specific wall that needs artwork? Try using blue masking tape to mark out a rectangle on your wall, so you can visualize what size will work best. Then, view the wall from different areas around the room, so you can make sure that size looks great from different angles.

If you email us or text us a photo of your wall and its dimensions, we can use Photoshop to create mockups for you of different size pieces.

Remember to allow for 1" extra inch on each side if your artwork will be in a floater frame or 4-5" on each side if you will use a wide plein air frame.


We know you love Erin's artwork, but we understand everyone is concerned about getting the most value for their money. 

With Erin Hanson artwork, you are getting the highest quality materials possible, with lightfast inks and pigments, and you can be assured that Erin Hanson personally inspects the prints and replicas we manufacture at The Erin Hanson Gallery to make sure the colors are vibrant and true to the originals.

Since Erin Hanson does not work with any middlemen or 3rd party art printers, she is able to give you the very best price for her prints and replicas. She purchases molding, canvas, and inks in bulk, importing her own custom frame molding from overseas, and she passes the savings on to you. Even our shipping boxes are custom-made here at the gallery to fit exactly around your artwork, which not only gives them the best protection, but also saves you money on shipping.

Paper Prints

  • Erin's 16x20 paper prints are still the same price today as they were fifteen years ago.
    (Price: $60 each)

Canvas Prints

  • Erin Hanson's canvas prints have the illusion of texture, and they are the most affordable option for hanging large artwork on your wall. The canvas prints come rolled, stretched, or framed and ready to hang.
    (Price range: Hundreds of dollars)

3D Textured Replicas

  • Erin's popular 3D Textured Replicas are competitively priced with other artists' limited edition prints. You get fantastic value for your investment with a textured replica, since they are so lifelike and the brushwork texture makes you feel like you looking at an original oil painting.
    (Price range: Thousands of dollars)

Original Oil Paintings

  • Erin's original oil paintings are, of course, the crème de la crème. The value of Erin's paintings has steadily increased over the past decade, as more and more collectors discover her work. Erin has a motto for pricing her originals: "If half my paintings sell before they are dry on the racks, I know I am pricing my artwork correctly." 
    (Price range: Tens of thousands of dollars)


Erin Hanson's paintings are a celebration of color, many of them inspired by the beautiful golden hours of late afternoon and sunrise. When reproducing her paintings, accurate color is the most essential quality that Erin focuses on. Erin's new scanner captures the most accurate color possible with today's technology.

If you are unsure if the color of a particular piece will work in your room, we are happy to send you a complimentary paper print roll so you can see the color for yourself.

Looking for a particular color? Use the filters on the portfolio page to narrow the search results down to a particular color scheme.


If texture is your go-button, we have three options for you! 

The canvas prints have the natural texture of canvas, as well as the illusion of texture from the photography. (Many people reach out and touch Erin's canvas prints, convinced they have texture, even though their fingers tell them it is flat!)

3D Textured Replicas are the best way to experience the wonderous texture of Erin's impasto paintings. The brush strokes are exact replicas of the originals, so the paint strokes catch the light and cast shadows like an original.

Originals have the best texture, and each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation made by Erin Hanson. Erin uses only brush and oil paint, and the rhythm of her brush strokes draws you into the painting and keeps your eye moving throughout the piece.

Subject Matter

Is subject matter the most important consideration in choosing artwork for your home? Erin has organized her wide body of work into detailed categories and subject matters to make it easy to narrow down.

Erin has organized her body of work by national park, travel destination, U.S. state, show exhibition, and categories ranging from California desert to sunflowers.

If you just want to browse all the subject matters Erin loves to paint, you can visit her "browsing" page here.

Request a Sample

Are you still unsure which artwork is best for you? Do you want to see samples in person?

Please send Linda your address and phone number to request your complimentary sample pack. Your sample pack will will include a small section of a 3D Textured Replica and a section of a canvas print to compare.


Text: (503) 334-3670