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"Erin Hanson is bringing Impressionism back." 

- The American Scholar 

Landscapes Radiate Light and Drama in Erin Hanson's Vibrant Oil Paintings.
May 2024

Samsung Newsroom. 
Interview: A Journey Into the Colorful World of Open Impressionism: Erin Hanson x Samsung Art Store
April 2024

My Modern Met. 
Glorious Explosions of Color Capture the Beautiful Symphony of Nature in Oil Paintings
January 2024

The American Art Collective. 
The Erin Hanson Interview Podcast
November 2023

CNN. Artists on AI. 
October 2022 

FORBES. Art, Architecture and Perfect Winter Weather Combine in Scottsdale, Arizona
November 2022

"Erin Hanson brings welcome new energy to the genre at her gallery which opened here in Summer of 2022." - Chadd Scott 

Magzoid. Erin Hanson on Open Impressionism
September 2020

Draw Paint Academy. An Interview with "Open Impressionism" Artist Erin Hanson
March 2020

Ladies Who Take the Lead. Open Impressionism - Erin Hanson

December 2020 

Epiphanies in IMpreesionism

American Lifestyle Magazine. Epiphanies in Impressionism. 
August 2020 

Saturday Evening Post 

Erin Hanson on the cover of the March / April 2020 issue of Saturday Evening Post 


Carmel Magazine. Contemporary Impressionism Comes to Carmel. 
February 2020

Artists Network. Dancing with Color in the Landscapes of Erin Hanson.
January 2020

ArtFix Daily. Introducing Erin Hanson's Iconic "Crystal Light" Collection, An Exploration of a Modern Master's First Movement.
January 2020 

My Modern Met. An Interview with Erin Hanson: Leading Contemporary Impressionist Sheds Light on Her Pioneering Practice.
September 2019

Southwest ArtDances with Colors
Southwest Art Magazine
July 2019

Forbes. Spotlight: Women of Western Art.
March 2019

Montana Sky featured on The American Art Scholar 
December 2018

Forbes. American Fauves, the Wild Ones, American Landscapes and Gardens
Erin Hanson in the Denver Art Museum
October 2018

Cowboys and Indians Magazine. Erin Hanson's Works on Display at the Museum of Big Bend.
October 2018

California Homes Magazine. July / Aug 2018.

My Modern Met. Colorful Open-Impressionism Paintings Capture the Beauty of Wine Country.
August 2018

Hello Woodlands. Artist Erin Hanson to showcase vibrant, textural landscapes at The Woodlands Waterway Festival.
March 2018

CBS Local 2 Palm Springs
La Quinta Poster Artist Erin Hanson
February 2018

Southwest Art Magazine  |  La Quinta Arts Festival 2018
Show Preview & Poster Artist Spotlight (print edition)
February 2018

F I N E Magazine
Erin Hanson Announced as Featured Poster Artist at La Quinta Arts Festival in Spring of 2018
October 2017

American Art Collector
Erin Hanson: The Super Bloom Show
August 2017

The American Scholar. Portrait of the Artist: Impressions of Zion.
August 2017

Pleinair Today. From Monterey to La Jolla.
June 2017

The INDEPENDENT: A Voice for Utah. Erin Hanson featured at the Zion National Park Museum.
June 2017

Modern Luxury San Diego. G A L L E R Y  G I R L  :  E R I N   H A N S O N.
April 2017

CW's San Diego Living. Introducing The Erin Hanson Gallery  |  San Diego.
March 2017

Vibrant Landscape Paintings Use the Color Orange to Capture the Warm Glow of the American West
by Sara Barnes  |  My Modern Met
October 2016

Art DailyA Feeling of Humanity: Western Art from The Ken Ratner Collection on view at Museum of the Big Bend.
October 2016

ArtSlant. Erin Hanson: The Orange Show.
October 2016

The Eastsider. Erin Hanson: The Orange Show
October 2016

Southwest Art Magazine. Show Preview |  The Orange Show.
September 2016

Good Day Utah Interview
August 2016

New Times, SLO. Passing Through: Artist Erin Hanson Paints Dreamy, Impressionistic Paso landscapes
August 2016

W I D E W A L L S. A Profile of Impressionist, Erin Hanson.
July 2016


Lost Desert Artists: Erin Hanson’s Painted Parks, Bill Ogden, Hilbert Museum and More...
June 2016

Fubiz Media  |  Your Daily Dose of Inspiration
Impressionist Painting of American Natural Parks
June 2016

My Modern Met. Tranquil Impressionist-Style Paintings Showcase Beauty of Natural Parks Around America.
June 2016

The St. George Art Museum Presents. ARTIST’S TALK WITH ERIN HANSON.
May 2016

St. George News. ‘Painted Parks’ Collection Featured Locally in Honor of National Park Service Centennial.
April 2016

Field of Blooms by Erin Hanson
A Brush with Expressionism
March 2016

15 bytes. Painting Up the Parks. Erin Hanson's National Park Landcapes at the St. George Art Museum.
January 2016

Impressionist Erin Hanson Celebrates
100 Years of Park Preservation at the St. George Art Museum

Janurary 2016

My Modern Met. Energetic Landscape Paintings Portray Artist Erin Hanson's Love for National Parks.
January 2016

St. George Art Museum Celebrates National Parks Centennial
Erin Hanson's Painted Parks at St. George Art Museum

The Spectrum  ||  Part of the USA Today Network
January 2016Painted Parks Exhibition  ||  Exhibition Preview

Southwest Art Magazine
January 2016

The Year in Review  ||  Best of 2015


Saatchi Art
December 2015


Best of 2015 - The year in review

Gallery Opening Spotlight
December 2015          


Artist Spotlight
December 2015

A framed painting          

Los Angeles Daily News
‘Hidden Gem’ House by R.M. Schindler in Woodland Hills Restored
Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson
November 2015


Artist of the Day  |  FoltBolt: The Colorful Art Palette
October 2015


Erin Hanson Pioneers the Energetic Style of Open-Impressionism  |  My Modern Met
by Anna Gragert
October 2015


Cover Artist  |  Art Business News
Fall Edition 2015


Art Business magazine


The Krush with Adam Montiel
Live Interviews
September / October 2015


Inside the Studio with Erin Hanson
Saatchi Art
August 2015


"Erin Hanson's Wine Country is a Technicolor Dream"
New Times San Luis Obispo
August 2015


5 of the Best Golden State Wine Regions
Expedia's Travel Blog Featuring The Erin Hanson Art and Wine Tour
August 2015


San Diego Home/Garden


Art and Wine Tour to be Held This September
Paso Robles Daily News
August 2015

Art People. Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson.
July 2015

Palm Springs Life Magazine
March 2015 Issue

San Diego Home/Garden inside
As Seen In Winter Catalogue
Winter 2014/15

As Seen On
One Kings Lane
Winter 2014/15

Library as an Incubator Project
Featuring: Erin Hanson
February 2015

Rue Magazine
Friday Favorites
January 2015

La Jolla Light
Artist Erin Hanson's Work Charms at La Jolla Library
November 2014
Erin Hanson

These Erin Hanson Lanscape Paintings Boast
Dynamic Hues and Textures
November 2014

The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Pastels and Oils
October 2014

Featured on Billboards across Northern Los Angeles
Promoting the World Wide Art International Fine Art Show
Fall 2014

An Erin Hanson billboard

An Erin Hanson advertisement

SLO Journal Erin Hanson, The Award Winning Artist that Never Grew Up
October 2014
A magazine featuring Erin Hanson

Deseret News
Article by Kristin Murphy
August 2014

Art and Coin TV
Live television interview with Barry Chappell
May 2014

The Mentalist, Warner Brother's TV show
Artwork appearance
May 2014

Life as a Human
What is Open-Impressionism?
April 2014

Oil Landscapes Transformed into Mosaics of Color, by Christopher Jobson.
April 2014


Palm Springs Life
Beauty in the Wild
October 2013

Southwest Art Magazine
Show Preview | Arts at Denver: Earth, Sky, Water, by Anne Hopper Vickstrom
September 2013

Paso Robles Press
PasoScapes: Erin Hanson Landscapes in Oil comes to Studios on the Park, by Hayley Thomas.
September 2013

Erin Hanson Grand Opening
June 2013

Southwest Art Magazine
"Mosaics in the Landscape" by Bonnie Gangelhoff
March 2013

Confessions of Motherhood
"Thieving Thursday: Painter Erin Hanson…Wow" by Laura Diamond
January 2013

New Times  
"Open Impressions" by Anna Weltner
October 2012   

The Tribune  
"Imagining the Perfect Sunday Drive," by Monica Fiscalini, San Luis Obispo
October 2012   

Desert Entertainer  
Palm Springs article by John Weidenhamer
Feb 2011  

KCLB Palm Springs
Radio interviews