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Erin Hanson Video Archive

Immerse yourself in the world of Erin Hanson through one-on-one live interviews, television featurettes and fan videos that capture the beating heart of one of America's leading Impressionistic artists. Live and unscripted, we invite you to meet the artist behind this American impressionistic landscape movement. 

Introducing The Erin Hanson Gallery San Diego CW's San Diego Living

Erin Hanson Artist Interview with Travel Channel China 

Impressionistic Influence Behind the Canvas with Erin Hanson

Good Day Utah in the Studio with Erin Hanson

Open Impressionism Vol II, Inside the Works of Erin Hanson

Grand Opening of The Erin Hanson Gallery, Los Angeles

Erin Hanson Creates "Field of Blooms" Mural-Sized Oil Painting

Featured Artist Interview at Indian Wells Art Festival 2015 

Live Interview on San Diego Living, Channel 6

Fine Art American Live Featurette 

La Jolla Art Festival Best in Show 2013


Montage of the Works of Erin Hanson

Reawaken Your Brilliance Artist Series | Live Interview 

Fan Video | The Works of Erin Hanson Montage to Peter Hollen's Skyrim Theme Song

Erin Hanson Adventure | Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Erin Hanson Climbing  |  Red Rock Canyon 

Walk-through of Erin Hanson's Festival Booth