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Dorothy Jean Wines | San Diego Release Party

Saturday, November 11th | 4pm – 8pm

The Erin Hanson Gallery | 9705 Caroll Centre Rd, San Diego, Ca 92126

Dorothy Jean Wines invites you to join the wine makers and label artist to celebrate the release of their anticipated Chardonnay at the artist's San Diego gallery. The label artwork features a piece by popular California-based impressionist, Erin Hanson. This collaboration marks the marriage of visual arts with the time-honored tradition of finely crafted wines. 

Dorothy Jean Wines produced only five barrels of this artfully conceived Chardonnay, a wine that strikes a fine balance between sunbaked earth and juicy, vibrant fruit. The grapes are gently pressed, fermented with indigenous yeasts and polished with a kiss of French Oak. 

This special wine pairs well with Hanson’s vibrant California wine country paintings that will be on display at the Pelletiere Estate Vineyard Winery during this special celebration event.

“We loved the way, through her work, Erin took a singular location – a time and a place – and transformed it into art. In a way, that’s what wine is. Impressionism in a bottle. Both the winemaker and the painter constantly pursue the transient quality of sunlight. They pursue the balance of composition that brings almost a sense of motion to the canvas, or to the palate. They pursue textural elements that make the difference between a two-dimensional art form and one that is truly complex. Erin strokes layer after layer of paint on the canvas, building an interpretation of her site in the same way that a winemaker does with strokes of fermentation, lees stirring, barrels. The idea is for the artist – the winemaker - to share an impression of a landscape.” - Janis Denner & Amy Butler - Wine Makers

Join us for the artist reception at Pelletiere Estate Vineyard Winery on Saturday, October 28th from 4pm to 8pm. Visitors will enjoy various Dorothy Jean Wines and live music, surrounded by original oil paintings of the iconic Paso Robles wine country painted by label artist Erin Hanson.

Artist Reception November 11th | 4pm – 8pm
The Erin Hanson Gallery
9705 Caroll Centre Rd, San Diego, Ca 92126